Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I was tagged! Thank you so much Mrs. Guard I truly appreciate it. I have to write 7 quirks or interesting things about myself. I have a feeling it might take me a while to think of some but here it goes!

1) I have to eat small items of food on both sides of my mouth. For instance, if I chew a Skittle on the left side of my mouth I have chew a Skittle on the right side of my mouth as well. And if someone gives me three Skittles, they MUST take one away, give me one more, or I usually just bite it down the middle so I have 2 halves. Weird I know, but true oh so true.

2) I like fountain drinks WAY better than soda in a glass cup or can. It just tastes better in a fountain drink. To me, there IS seriously a difference.

3) When I place a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom I have to place it in such a way that the paper comes off the top of the roll and not from the bottom. I know...SO weird!

4) For a while I wanted to have 5 girls and have their names be Lacy, Macy, Stacy, Tracy, and Kacy. Hahahaha. Thank God that phase is OVER.

5) I am a half-identical twin. YES. I AM A HALF-IDENTICAL TWIN (or semi-identical). There IS such a thing and I ALWAYS have to explain it so here is a quick definition for you blog readers. A half-identical twin is when one egg drops and splits into two and then those two eggs are fertilized by two different sperm. So we have 50% of the genetic makeup from our mother and different percentages of genetic makeup from our father. My mom calls us her "little mutants."

6) I LOVE SHOES. Not only do I love shoes but I love shoes when they makes that clicking noise. Just something about the sound makes me feel good.

7) This last one is written by my mom: "If you want Alyssa to HEAR what you are saying AND follow through with it, make sure you see that she is looking at you with her baby poop colored eyes and focusing on what you are telling her. You might even want her to repeat your words back to you just so you know she heard what you said." I have a problem with focusing. I can only focus on one thing at a time, especially if I am 1) watching tv, 2) on the phone, talking or texting, and 3) on the computer. My mom says she was like that until she had twins. I hope it doesnt take twins to make me focus.

Now its my turn...I tag Katelin, Shauna, Jocey, Schuyler and Kelly. Have fun!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I have been having some MAJOR issues with my laptop! I learned from the amazing people who work at the GENIUS BAR that I have a hard drive problem so I will have to fork over the mula and send off my computer for 2+ weeks. I FINALLY got my computer to stay on long enough to back up some files on my external hard drive so now I will have the ability to download some pictures from some major events that happened in the month of October. October was for sure a completely CRAZY month and I have the pictures to show for it! Look forward to FINALLY seeing some new blog posts ASAP!

PS...Kelly is still in Europe and I have been missing her like CRAZY! SEESTER--I miss you and I hope you are having a beyong amazing time in Europe. Have fun in Austria on the "Sound of Music" tour...(Dad and I were reading your blog today and OR COURSE he started singing so I joined him...I know you miss our singing!) I LOVE YOU KEL! Come home soon :)