Friday, August 29, 2008

San Diego...Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday I drove down to my old stomping ground in San Diego for my friends, Alyssa and Matt's, dual birthday party. I have not been back to the Point Loma area since I graduated and I got a chance to see a ton of my friends that I went to school with at PLNU. Before I did anything else, I had to stop by PLNU to drop off some money for my Loveworks trip to Nepal. As I was driving in, I got super giddy and a huge wave of nostalgia hit me big time! I love Point Loma and I truly miss it. I miss the small classrooms, caf lane, my professors, my friends, the caf, and especially chapel. (Never thought I would say that haha!) I can say proudly now that Point Loma definitely helped shape who I am today. It helped mold my way of thinking about the Lord, life in general, and the world, and helped to nurture my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I feel so blessed to have had such great and memorable experiences at PLNU. Then I had the chance to get sushi for dinner with my amazing friend Emilee Peterman. She just returned from studying abroad in Costa Rica so it was a blast to get to catch up with her and see some pictures of her adventures there. Emilee is such an awesome friend and is my encourager. She encourages me in so many ways and I love her and thank her for that. I don't know what I would do without her and I miss her so much now that she is in San Diego and I'm in Orange County. I got to see a ton of people at the birthday party for Alyssa and Matt and so many things have changed, but for the better of course! And today on the way back to Orange County, I got to hang out with my good friend Alex Frenzel. We went to lunch at UTC and then he took me to UCSD to show me where he worked. He introduced me to some of the people he worked with and showed me his "office" and the physics lab where he spent most his time this summer. I always thought he was the smartest guy I know...and I was right, but now I think he is pretty much a genius. (And he is.) So thanks Alex for showing me how much of a genius you are! I had a great time in San Diego and I look forward to visiting down there more often!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The "Golden" Couple

On Sunday, June 29, 2008, one of my good friend Danica Sandberg was married to Chris Golden in Cypress, CA. I was so excited for Danica and Chris! The day was a hot one as the ceremony was held outside. The guest list included a ton of our friends from Point Loma since both Danica and Chris attended college with me, as well as a bunch of church and family friends of mine and Danica's. The reception was so much fun, filled with friends, food, cocktails, and dancing. I had an especially great time since it was the first time that I had graduated from Point Loma that I finally got to see some of my friends! Steve Haskell, Chris' best man, made a great speech and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.. It was a beautiful and perfect day for the "Golden" wedding! Congratulations Danica and Chris! I LOVE YOU BOTH!